With experience that has spanned the educational pipeline - ranging from elementary and secondary education, undergraduate and graduate student education, teacher professional development, and informal education - we will work with you to develop a research or evaluation plan that is tailored to your project.

Our Expertise

SageFox Consulting Group specializes in education research, evaluation, and grant support services for both K–12 and higher education. Our mission is to make these programs better, to demonstrate whether the program is or is not working, and to report to project leaders, funders, and stakeholders that their resources are being put to the best possible use.

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Sharing the Story

Our work leads us in the following areas: *Developing pathways leading to careers in the new economy *Increasing access for historically under-represented populations *Implementing innovative practices and new educational technologies *Developing effective strategies for institutional change

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Our Clients

We support projects from all over the United States, addressing a wide variety of educational and organizational needs. Our clients are engaged in changing the landscape of education. Our evaluations, in support of our goals, help our clients succeed by collecting answers to questions that support and document the change process.

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