Session Wed-RPP-PM: RPPforCS for Community Meeting

Session Wed-RPP-PM: RPPforCS for Community Meeting

Wed Feb 21, 2018
 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM


Rebecca Zarch (SageFox Consulting Group, United States)

Alan Peterfreund (SageFox Consulting Group, United States)

Leigh Ann Delyser (NYC Foundation for CS Education, United States)

RPPforCS for Community Meeting

ABSTRACT. RPPforCS is a connected community of practice designed to support the NSF CS For All: RPP awardees and facilitate a common research agenda among its members, develop evaluator and researcher capacity, and collect common data elements across RPP projects. This event will begin with a plenary session with the RESPECT conference titled “Designing for Broadening Participation.” The plenary will include panelists RIchard Ladner, Chris Hoadley, and Ben Sayler and will be moderated by Joanna Goode (all recent RPPforCS awardees focusing on reaching underrepresented populations). The RPPforCS awardees will then go into an afternoon session focused on community building, early capacity building for the Researcher-Practitioner Partnerships and defining the shared research agenda.

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