Evaluation Planning

Guiding teams through:

  • Logic modeling

  • Methods development

  • Instrument tailoring/development

  • Taking action based on evaluation findings

  • Panel reviews and site visits

Data Collection

Performing or coordinating data collection activities including:

  • Paper-based and online feedback forms and surveys
  • Survey/questionnaire development
  • Paper-based form development and electronic scanning for near-real-time quantitative reporting
  • Facilitating interviews and group interviews (from protocol development through transcription)
  • Conducting observations


Data Analysis

Performing or coordinating analysis activities including:

  • Qualitative analysis of interview and focus group transcripts
  • Qualitative analysis of observations (on site observations and formal site visits)
  • Qualitative analysis of photos and videos
  • Content analysis of open-ended survey items
  • Quantitative analysis of forced-response survey items
  • Quantitative analysis of state and federal databases
  • Social network analysis
  • Item Response Theory
  • Descriptive and inferential analyses (chi-square, t-tests, ANOVA, regression, etc.)
  • Structural equation modeling (including path analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, mediation analysis, and model fit statistics)
  • Hierarchical Linear Modeling
  • GIS mapping



  • Ongoing reporting and near-term feedback for mid-course corrections
  • Summative reporting
  • Leading program staff through findings and generating action steps
  • Supporting program staff through panel reviews and site visits