Our Team

Alan - Executive Director
Extension 311

Alan Peterfreund, Ph.D., has 30 years of experience as a consultant, evaluator and researcher for clients in the public and private sectors


Rebecca - Director
Extension 301

Rebecca Zarch has spent more than a decade evaluating projects supporting young adults moving through the STEM pipeline and workforce

Ken - Evaluator
Extension 313

Kenneth Rath has been involved in educational evaluation since 1999. He began working with the Online Web-based Learning (OWL) system


Jeff - Evaluator
Extension 310

Jeffrey Xavier has been working in the evaluation field since 2009. His interest in evaluation began while studying Applied Sociology  at UMass

Emily - Office Manager
Extension 309

Emily Deharo-Otero is our Office Manager and has been at SageFox since 2013. She graduated from Westfield State University as

Stacey Sexton graduated in May with their M.Ed. and MPPA from UMass Amherst. They have been working in educational assessment for three years focused on student learning outcomes assessment related to Team-Based Learning as well as the integration of technology into college and university classrooms.

Jordan Esiason joined SageFox as a Research Assistant in 2018. He is pursuing degrees for  his two passions in Mathematics and Music Composition at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and will be graduating in the spring of 2019.


Brianna Johnston joined the SageFox team in 2014 as an office administrator. Brianna works part time  as the travel coordinator for all of SageFox’s various trips,  keeps track of company expenses, and has become the webmaster.

Our Associates

Some Collaborators, Consultants, Partners, and Friends

Tom McKlin has over a decade of experience evaluating federal programs,

Shelly Engelman, Ph.D., is a trained social and quantitative psychologist

Sarah Boyd and Brandi Villa with Belay Consulting. Belay partners  
Emanuel Costache has a B.A. from Amherst College in English Literature.  

David I. Bell, Ed.D. is an educationalist and psychologist who has worked